M.G. Leonard author of Beetle Boy

“A gripping, ingenious, thrilling read that you won’t be able to put down!”

Read and Reviews

“It’s written really well to make sure everyone can follow along. The action was easy to follow and never overwhelmed the storyline.”

Jennifer Bell author of Wonderscape

“Smart, tense and exciting, Swift and Hawk swept me away into a world of cyber espionage, robots and gadgets that would make even Q envious! A brilliant, breathless thriller.”

Books Up North, Kids Review

“A fast-paced book with lots of unexpected twists and turns to the plot.”

Anna Mazzola author of The Clockwork Girl

“I read this with my eleven-year-old and we both loved it. Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies is brilliantly-written spy mystery, with a fast-moving plot, characters that leap from the page, and a cornucopia of coding and tech to keep young readers riveted.”

Alastair Chisholm, author of Orion Lost

“What a rush! None-stop computer-hackery, car chases, kick-ass fighting and international baddies. Great fun!”

The Bookseller

“Expect action-packed stories and cutting-edge tech in the first in a new spy series aimed at readers of Alex Rider and CHERUB, and crossing over into young teen”

Jamie Russell, author of SkyWake Invasion

“Loved Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies, a high-octane, high-tech teen spy-fi thriller that left me breathless. Buckle up!”

Amazon Reviews

“The authors came to our school on world book day to talk about their creative process and read parts of the book out loud to the children. Since then it has been seen on half the desks in year 5/6, with children sneaking in reading a few pages in between their maths problems. I’ve asked and they all say that it it really exciting and they will definitely read another in the series!”


“Packed with mind-boggling gadgets and super-human hacking skills, this tense spy-thriller is pure escapism … A futuristic middle-grade page-turner with wide appeal”

Jon Scieszka, former National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and author of The Real Dada Mother Goose

“Do NOT even pick this up . . . unless you can handle nanobot nightmares, unchecked AI, dangerous VR, and terrifying IRL wolves (and fatbergs).”